September 30th, 2010

cute food

I was the best of cookbooks, it was the worst of cookbooks

I thought that Classic Chinese Cooking was a keeper, because the first four recipes were all great. But then the fifth was really bad.

Velvet corn soup is an easy and delicious corn soup.

Pan-fried noodles with mushrooms has a fabulous sauce

Crispy noodles with vegetable was pretty much a mess. A few noodles turned out well, but most didn't cook properly. And even the vegetables weren't particularly appetizing. If this had seemed like a risky recipe to prepare, I might have selected another to try. Or if part of the recipe turned out well, I might have thought it worthwhile.

So, this cookbook is already off the shelf.
cute food

Next cookbook stop: Japan

This time I'm cooking from the light-hearted The Manga Cookbook.

My first five recipes are:
* Gyudon (beef bowl) - I already prepared this. It was easy to prepare and fairly tasty.
* Nikumaki (meat rolls)
* Jyagatama (potato balls)
* Miso soup
* Tonkatsu (breaded pork... although I might try to sub the meat and make chicken katsu instead)