March 14th, 2010

cute food

on bread and casserole

First... the apple cinnamon muffin loaf... this morning I cut off some pieces, toasted, and enjoyed with chardonnay jelly. Then for lunch, I cut off the short bit, cut slices from the long bit, and made sandwiches. Tasty as bread, but the mayonnaise wanted to slip off. I think because it's really moist. Anyway, the muffin loaf is tasty, even if it is weird-shaped bread.

So, this afternoon, I decided to have another go at bread and tried brown rice bread. This one looked a little more like bread.... but is really short and has an uneven wavy top. It's like choppy ocean waves. I'm thinking that the rice bread near-disaster was actually a bread-saving fluke. I have ideas on how to get the bread turn out even, but I'm not sure it's worth it when I can easily get good results from a mix.

Goodbye Canadian Bread Machine Baking. This book served me well when I wasn't trying to cook gluten-free, but it's not working for me now.

I cooked the eggplant casserole this evening. But it took waaay longer to prepare than I anticipated. So while it was baking in the oven, I enjoyed leftover maple-baked chicken. I'll stick the casserole in the fridge and heat some up tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, because I'm not really digging the smell. Well, prior to that recipe, I had already cooked ten recipes from The Original New York Times Cookbook. I still haven't found cubed lamb... or a piece of lamb that I would cube (don't feel like cutting up lamb chops).