March 5th, 2010

cute food

Next set of recipes

OK, I still have two more recipes to prepare from The Original New York Times Cook Book, but I've already chosen the next five. Yes, this does mean that I'll prepare more than ten recipes from this book, but there are so many fun recipes. And I love selecting batches of five recipes.

So what's up next (in addition to the lamb lentil soup and broiled scallops)? I'm looking forward to:
* Spanish asparagus
* Eggplant casserole
* Luncheon dish potatoes
* Mushroom wine sauce (recommended on roast meats or chicken)
* Bananas Caribbean

Don't worry, I'm not planning on preparing every recipe in this book. There are plenty of other recipes I'd love to try.... but others are totally unappealing.

BTW, I spoke with my mother, and she said that the pot roast that I prepared on Sunday is one of her favorites as well.