February 28th, 2010

cute food

Out of print and hard to find

Hey, it's the cover of The Original New York Times Cookbook!

An updated version of this guide was published in 1990, but now all versions are out of print and hard to find. Several of the reviews at Amazon are brief messages from people looking for a copy.

I realize that I haven't cooked many of my recipes yet, but I have a couple of excuses: I'm still looking for cuts of meat (and vermouth) for recipes I selected, and I cooked a lot of salmon. I'm hoping to get one of the cuts of meat today, because they take a long time to cook and would be perfect for tonight's meal.... and left-overs throughout the week.
cute food

with memories of pot roasts past

As I cooked and served the pot roast, I was filled with memories of my mother's pot roast (cooked in the orange Le Creuset dutch oven) and my grandmother's brisket (one of two entrees during her meals). Even though I've loved cooking for years, Craig Claiborne's "Potted beef Italian style" was the first pot roast that I prepared. And it will probably be the only recipe I ever use! This was fabulous! And easy (just time-consuming).

With an entire small can of tomato paste and a cup of red wine, this started by smelling over-the-top. However, after over two-and-a-half hours, the flavours blended together into the perfect sauce. Including dried mushrooms was brilliant! Dried mushrooms start thin and small after their initial soaking in warm water. But by the time I spooned the sauce over the pot roast and rice, the mushrooms were lusciously plump.

I never did end up finding a rump roast - several groceries said that they carried it, but didn't have it in stock. I ended up using an Angus blade pot roast cut of the same weight. As I expected, the meat was tended and almost fell apart with the lightest touch of my knife.