February 11th, 2010

cute food

mushroom bruschetta and spinach salad

Today I enjoyed several dishes from three cookbooks.

Not long ago, I baked honey wheat bread (using the honey and nutmeg to flavor a gluten-free loaf) from Canadian Bread Machine Baking. Tonight I used it for the mushroom bruschetta. The bread was good, but I couldn't taste the honey and nutmeg in the already flavorful loaf. I think I'd have to compare with bread that didn't have these extra ingredients, as it's really subtle.

Mushroom bruschetta from Mushroom is awesome! I love it! It's easy to make!

In an effort to use up the huge quantity of spinach, I made spinach salad from The Original New York Times Cookbook. That was surprisingly tasty for such a simple recipe. I think the dressing might be key - olive oil, fresh lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper. Only 1.5 boxes of spinach left. :-) I don't, however, think I'll make other spinach recipes from the NYT cookbook - there are at least two spinach ring recipes.