January 11th, 2010

cute food

Arroz doce - Cinnamon rice pudding

Yesterday, I made arroz doce (cinnamon rice pudding) from Uma Casa Portuguesa: Portuguese Home Cooking. I had to stir it constantly while cooking, but I didn't mind, as it smelled so good. It's cooked with lemon rind and a cinnamon stick. mmmmm.

The arroz doce didn't taste completely like I remember, but it was still pretty good. The taste difference was probably because I was using almond milk instead of real milk.

Tonight I have to go grocery shopping. Hope I can find everything I need for the upcoming recipes.
cute food

ingredients purchased and ready to cook!

I definitely chose the right grocery store for today's shopping, as they had all the ingredients that I need for the upcoming Portuguese recipes. Even the piri piri sauce!

Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking clearly when I picked up the fish, because I don't think sole will hold up well to being dunked in batter. Sadly, Portuguese Home Cooking doesn't include any recipes for sole. So, I'll likely prepare it as I would when not on this cooking adventure and next time pick up some cod or haddock or something else substantial.

At least I can make Tasty Rice (yes, that's the recipe name) to accompany the fish, so I don't need to slow down the cooking adventure.