January 9th, 2010

cute food

Ending up with red wine marinade

This recipe starts by cooking the red wine marinade, then marinating the chicken, and finally broiling the chicken. The last ingredient that I added to the marinade was the wine - and even before that addition, it smelled heavenly. I'll have to try this recipe again without the wine sometime.

Immediately after I added the wine, I had misgivings. I've been using a rich wine (merlot) instead of a light wine, and it seemed to overpower the mix of tomatoes, onions, honey, and worcestershire sauce. However, after several hours of marinating the chicken, I could smell ingredients besides the wine.

And when I tasted.... yumm! I can't believe how good that was. Really sweet and flavorful.

I'm finished cooking the ten recipes from Chicken Breasts and will definitely be keeping this book! There were three fabulous recipes (Brazilian banana chicken, chicken-fried rice, and red wine marinade), many good recipes, and only a couple of disappointments (although even those were OK).
cute food

Next stop: Portugal

Now that I've cooked ten recipes from Chicken Breasts, I'm moving on to Uma Casa Portuguesa: Portuguese Home Cooking. Will I take less time to go through these recipes? I'm not sure. Although I could use multiple recipes in a single meal, side-dishes, such as rice or potatoes, are more involved than the plain versions I usually tend to prepare.

I've planned my first five recipes:
* Ovos com molho do tomate - Eggs in spicy tomato sauce
* Caldo verde - Creamy potato puree and greens (a bit of a challenge, as it's a family favorite soup)
* Filetes de peixe - Fish fillets in batter
* Arroz saborosa - Tasty rice
* Arroz doce - Cinnamon rice pudding (another favorite)

As you can see, if I were ambitious, I would cook most of this tomorrow, and I'd finish half the recipes in a couple of days. But I don't really feel the need to rush all of this. Let me savor my culinary visit to Portugal.

I'm off to make up my shopping list. Hope you're having some great meals!