May 25th, 2009


Hugo 2009 voting preparation

Prior to creating my tracking spreadsheet, I saw three of the nominated movies (in the theatres in 2008!) and listened to all the short story nominees (courtesy of EscapePOD).

Yesterday I still hadn't finished the non-hugo-nominated book that I had been reading, so I checked out all the web sites of the nominated fan artists and entered rankings in my spreadsheet. Last night I finished the novel, so I'm now onto the stories.

Some of you probably started with the novels, but as I started my reading late, I'm not sure I can finish the novels in time for voting. Especially Anathem! Which is a BIG book. So, I've decided to start with shorter works, and then tackle the novels. I'm starting with the Campbell nominees. We have some awesome new writers!

Preparing to vote for the Hugos is keeping me busy - but in a good way! It's good to cut back on the internet and tv and spend more time reading.