March 30th, 2008


Entered writing contest at Ad Astra

I had a lot of fun at Ad Astra, but it's late, so I'll keep this post short.

I entered the flash fiction contest. The session about the contest was 2:00 - 3:00. The competition was very open-ended... to write on a theme from a list - but it was a list that all the participants brainstormed, so we were free to add whatever we wanted to write about before 3:00. Stories were due by 6pm and were supposed to be no longer than 250 words - although the judges also said that they were only looking for something approximately 250 words max, and not to worry if we went slightly over.

I didn't have have 3 hours of writing, however, as I went to a panel on developing character before writing the story. On my first attempt, I realized I was way over.... and counted almost 350 words. I edited out words, and then cut out still more as I copied my entry to fresh pages (this was hand-written).

Sunday I'll find out the results.

More fun at Ad Astra

Today was the last day at Ad Astra. I went to a few panels, and in the final session found out the results of yesterday's flash fiction competition.

My entry, Bounty, didn't win (or place), but with a rating of 8.5 (out of 10), I think there's hope for this little story. I also learned a lot from this flash exercise, which I hope will improve my future writing.

We had to write to a theme, and had a list of themes that could be expressed in a single word (and were able to add our own preferred theme to the list). Although other writers have mentioned the importance of theme, it didn't really click with me until this exercise.

What was amazing to me is that by writing to theme (or at least a particular theme), my main character seems more interesting than many of my other characters - even from her 250-word appearance. I think I want to write more stories with her... maybe even a novel.