December 9th, 2007


Mysterious Paris in 1000 words

Why couldn't the Liberty Hall Writers end-of-year challenge take place during the final week of the year? Or be two weeks long?

Despite it being a super-busy week for me, I was thinking about the trigger. And it made me think of Mysterious Paris, except with the alternate way of telling the story that I once considered. I'm not sure if I could keep it at 1000 words, but it could definitely be a short story. But I don't have time to finish this... not if I also finish a couple of chores and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

But at least I've started it. And now I'm loving the short story version and thinking I should finish it. Because it would be good to get down to the essence of Mysterious Paris. And, also, it's helpful to explore Georgia's point-of-view. Will I want to go back to the novel?

Oh, and the short story has a different name. But perhaps that's just the trigger giving it a temporary name.