December 16th, 2006


Another snarky crapometer

Miss Snark is running another crapometer. This time round people send in their hook (up to 250 words). Miss Snark is posting all hooks on her blog, along with whether it hooks her. People who succeed get to send first pages (up to 750 words) for further comment.

So far she's been giving lots of comments on the hooks, but I'm sure that by the time she gets to mine (there are perhaps 500 people ahead of me in queue), she'll only be saying "yes" or "no".

Yes, I'm sending in for Mysterious Paris again, but my new hook is completely rewritten, and my first pages are a different scene.

Snark update

Miss Snark is emailing to let people know their number in the queue - but because she's limited to sending 300 emails a day (a gmail limitation), I'll only find out tomorrow where I am.

She's currently posted about 60 hooks. As I'm guessing that I'm somewhere between 500 and 600, it could be a few weeks before I find out what she thinks of my Mysterious Paris hook. In the meantime, it's interesting to see what other people sent in, and to see her comments.