February 8th, 2006


What's up with Mysterious Paris?

Perhaps you hadn't noticed, but it's been since January 24 (actually, late January 23) since I posted about updating Mysterious Paris. Unfortunately, I let myself get side-tracked. I overbooked myself on the trip to California, then let myself weasel out on many other opportunities (like the long flight back).

It was only this past Sunday that I got back to revising (not even the full Sunday quota that day), but now I am back in the groove and doing more than my minimum page per week night.

I finished reading The Constant Gardener, which was absorbing and wonderful, and not what I expected from LeCarre. Now I'm reading The Sum of all Fears, which has been sitting barely-started in my reading pile for 4 years! Time to get at least 25% through this and then decide whether to give it away or finish it. But Tom Clancy is really buggining me. Isn't it cheating for a character to keep talking about how he has this great idea, and for others to agree with the idea, but to keep the reader in the dark? Gah! I'll keep reading unless I rip the book to shreds in frustration.

Days on track: 21
Days missed count: 17
Days no writing/revising: 16
Currently reading: The Sum of all Fears