January 8th, 2006


Writing what I want to read

agentobscura posted the writing mission statement of a YA author and asked other writers to share their mission statements.

Although it seems basic that I write books and stories I want to read, it wasn't always so! When I first returned to writing fiction after a long lapse, it was through nanowrimo, and my goal was just to write a lot of words and have fun.

My second attempt at a novel was inspired by an idea suggested by a now-defunct web site. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking much about what I'd enjoy reading.... because that certainly wasn't it!

My third attempt was closer. At least I was writing about issues and situations important to me. That's why there's hope for this book, although it needs to be rewritten.

Mysterious Paris is the first book that I deliberately set out to write a book I want to read. Again, I started with issues and situations important to me. But then I threw in a mix of stuff I like to read: a bit of romance, a bit of mystery, some actions scenes, a special location (Paris).

I love to read historical mysteries. But, so far, I've been too lazy to do the research!
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