October 11th, 2005


Goin' crazy with the delete key

I copied the unfinished draft of my first Nanowrimo attempt (from Nano2000) to my Palm, and today started going at it with the delete key. My recent instinct was right... it's definitely a short story and not a novel. I'm deleting so much crap. And I do mean crap.

Is it always this painful looking back at past writing? At least this was a seat-of-my-pants romp back to creativity, rather than an effortful attempt at a novel. Although I suspect that my second attempt was stupdendously sucky despite being planned.

I'm finding that even parts of Nano2000 that don't totally suck (and those are few) don't fit so well with my current idea for the story. I might just end up using parts of the opening scene and a few other little bits. Maybe I should redo this as a salvage operation, copying usable bits into the new story file, instead of attempting to delete the heck out of the old draft.

I'll have to do that tonight on my desktop, as I can't salvage on my Palm. Then during tomorrow's lunch I can get busy typing new bits of "Mystery Paradox". I also have to change the name, 'cause this title is way too blah.

Making progress on something

OK,so I didn't really write today; I just copied bits from a novel attempt into a new short story. But I'm feeling good, because I'm already at 1,000/4,500. Tomorrow during lunch: start filling in the story.

Too bad I decided that the alternated universe should be Blonde Bimbos on the Moon instead of AdSpeak.Otherwise, I might have been half-way finished already. But that's not the story I'm working on.

I also decided that I have 3 interesting characters in my first attempted novel... but they're not in the right story. One of these days I should figure out their story. Roger's a total ass... he'd be a great villain.