June 26th, 2005


I've been writing, not blogging

If you haven't seen me lately on LJ, that's because I've been spending time away from the internet, some of it hard at work on revisions.

I decided to try Holly Lisle's one-pass revision method to finish off revisions on Mysterious Paris. I've printed the entire manuscript, and set up shop in the dining room.

Revisions on my first scene (an excerpt from a book by Manon's mother) was gruelling. I actually put my head down on the table in despair a couple of times. I have so many changes on that page (including changes to changes) that I had to write notes so that I later understand what I was doing (when it comes time to type in my changes).

Revisions on the second scene were more manageable.

I'm hoping I can keep up the momentum. Hot sticky weather where I don't want to go outside probably helps. Catching up on LJ (2 hours!) does not.

In other news, I received the U.S. stamps from my mother and mailed the queries for food/recipe articles to two magazines.
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