April 26th, 2005


Editors' Association of Canada

(Cross-posted to freelance_to)

Last night I went to an Editors' Association meeting. Although the meeting itself was somewhat interesting, I think the most useful bit was finding out about the member benefits. Seems potentially worthwhile for anyone who wants to do freelance editing.

Annual membership is $171 (including taxes). The main benefits that make me consider it are:
  • Able to be listed in an on-line directory of editors (supposedly used by people looking for editors)
  • Able to be available for the hot-line service for any month I'm free for work (supposedly used by people looking to fill an immediate need)
  • Guidelines of rates to charge
  • Downloadable (and modifiable) sample contract and sample brochure of services

There are other benefits, as well (such as group rate insurance, newsletters, etc) .... but these are the ones that seem the most potentially worthwhile to me.