December 7th, 2004


Detangled, at last!

I ended up working later than I planned, but at least I have the mess detangled. I think my current scene 33 will end up going (it's reduced to two sentences... one irrelevent, and the other redundant with stuff in scene 34). Otherwise, I'm happy with the way things worked out. I even got to put the chocolate scene back where it belonged.

The rewrite of Mysterious Paris is now 70% complete, and back on track. I think the rest should go quickly, as there are only a few of the new plot details to weave into the remaining scenes... and I don't think there are any more completely new scenes to write.

OK, after that's all done, I'll still have to go back and figure out where to fit in some of the materials from the cut scenes... and write more Jardin mystery quotes. But maybe I should leave the Jardin quotes until after I figure out the chapter breaks and know how much material I need.
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