December 6th, 2004


Need to detangle this mess

OK, so the wonderful note-card re-sorting of scenes didn't work exactly as planned. I need to detangle the snarls... and probably while sitting in front of a PC, so I can have multiple scenes open at once and sort through the mess.

First, I think I left out one of the original scenes of Manon wandering through a neighborhood from the novel. Luckily, I have a place for it ... with only a little sorting out to do.

Then, on my re-ordering, I put an epiphany scene too late. I already marked where to put it in (my subconscious must have realized something was up when I was working on the earlier scene).

Also, because I broke up the fight scene from the Eiffel Tower scene, some parts don't make so much sense. Maybe I can move part of that scene to right after the fight? I don't know how this will play out... or if it fits. And I need to write another Eiffel Tower scene, and re-do the current one, to give it more significance.

And I may have mixed up a couple of scenes where the order is crucial... but I'm not completely positive... I have to read the next scene or at least look at the original order.

I should have worked on fixing the mess this evening... because I don't think I can get it all straightened out over breakfast tomorrow.

What a mess!
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