November 30th, 2004


Progress in November

In November I harnessed some of the writing energy of nanowrimo to get back to editing my novel. I didn't make as much progress as I initiailly hoped. I thought I would write as furiously as last November. I thought this meant I could finish the first rewrite of Mysterious Paris by November 20, and that I would then proceed to make major inroads on the next stage of editing.

Instead, I have progressed at a slower, but hopefully sustainable, pace. How far did I get in the rewrite? I'm just 60% complete with the first rewrite. I will have to go back and fix some minor plot issues. I also wrote many scenes very quickly... and very sketchy. So, a lot more work is needed on the completely new scenes.

My current plans? Finish this first rewrite by the end of the year. Then I'll decide on the next stage. I'm not sure whether I want to fix structure and the light scenes first. Or if I should go with my initial plans to work through the exercises in my books on editing/novel-writing.

But who knows? By the time I finish, I could have new ideas and be off on yet another structural rewrite. There's still time for Manon and the other characters to surprise me.
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