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Revision stage complete, but....

I'm worried that my ending sucks. I love the final 25%.... until the last few scenes. It feels like I wrote them with my inner 12-year-old's brain. But I have no idea how to fix them.

Problem scene 1 - Infodump. Is it OK to infodump the reveal of the mystery? Well, maybe I can get away with it.

Problem scene 2 - Infodump. Conversation seems sacharine. It's tying up loose ends, but still.....

Problem scene 3 - The good part is unnecessary, and the necessary part is implausible. I can make the necessary part plausible, but will have to say goodbye to the part I like. I probably should make that change and stop whining.... after all, it would be fitting to drop both the original first and last scenes of the book, which were two of my favorite scenes. (I dropped the initial opening scene on the 2nd draft.)
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