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I haven't been writing much lately, but I have been reading.

  • John Scalzi's Old Man's War - When he turns 75, John Perry joins the colonial defense forces. He won't be able to return to Earth, but he's looking forward to having a body fit enough to defend humanity, and to the colonial property he'll get at the end of his tour of duty. This book has been nominated for both a Hugo and a Campbell. At first I enjoyed this humorous and fun book, but was surprised that it was up for awards.... but by the end there was no doubt to me that it deserves both nominations, and maybe the rewards (I haven't read all nominees).

  • Marjorie Liu(webpetals)'s Tiger Eye - A paranormal romance, I was expecting something like the second book in this series (Shadow Touch), which was heavy on the action-packed adventures of an x-men-like group and light on the romance. The romance played a much stronger role in this book, and the adventure was not as satisfying to me.

  • Sarah Monette (truepenny)'s Mélusine - Felix Harrowgate starts this book as a wizard, a member of the royal court, and lover of the king's brother. Mildmay the Fox goes by many names, and is a cat burglar for hire. Felix and Mildmay have their lives turned upside-down and intertwined. This book has been nominated for a Campbell. Parts of this book are deeply disturbing, dealing with rape and madness, but lighter moments kept me going at first, until I was drawn into the story and couldn't put the book down.

Currently I'm reading Marjorie Liu's The Read Heart of Jade (ARC - it's due out at the start of July). So far, it's satisfying on the adventure side, and the romance isn't unduly overwhelming.
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