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On where I point to other writing blogs

OK, maybe we're not all going to make this much doing freelance writing, but posted an interesting blog entry in which he discusses where he's making the money, and what's regular vs sporadic income.

He also says that he's writing 20K to 30K words per week! I think this incredible feat has something to do with it. Even the comments on this entry are interesting... on seeing John's hourly corporate rate, I'm wondering how typical that is, and whether I should try to switch from technical writing to corporate.

agentobscura, an agent specializing in YA fiction, is posting a series of "choose your own adventure" entries. Each entry is a hypothetical query letter, and we are asked to post our decision and reasoning. It's fun to play along, and fascinating to pick apart query letters with others. Well, maybe fascinating to those of us who plan to eventually write our own query letters for novels.

Yes, I'm still incredibly busy at work. I plan to have progress reports on Mysterious Paris once more in April. I'll have to work like crazy on editing to meet my goal of completing my revisions that month, but I can pretend it's nanoedmo, right?
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