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Links and writing progress

First, the fun stuff...

The Doubtful Palace hosts free (legal) MP3s. I thought that epi_lj might like the tracks from Emerald Adrift - interesting ambient music and soundscapes.

The Escape Pod is a podcast science fiction magazine. And for my writer friends, you might want to check out their submission guidelines. They don't pay much ($50 for short stories and $15 for flash fiction), but they will buy reprints (in fact, they prefer reprints).

Yes, I revised another page of Mysterious Paris today. Manon's at the buddhist service. I have lots to hack out in this bit. I wrote much more about the service than is necessary (or even modestly relevant) to this story. Just because I had an interesting RL experience, doesn't mean I have to give Manon the entire experience!

Days on track: 15
Days missed count: 2
Days no writing/revising: 2
Currently reading: The Constant Gardener
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