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Back to Mysterious Paris

Did you notice that I didn't post my progress last night? No, I wasn't too embarassed to mention lack of resolve... I got home late after the writing group, and did another reading of "Blonde Bimbos on the Moon." I only made a few minor changes, so today I sent it off again.

Today I'm finally back to revising Mysterious Paris! I realized that I can now only interupt Mysterious Paris if I manage to get ahead of my daily revision count. I'm revising on paper, and it's a slow slog, because I'm trying to catch everything at once, with only once more chance when I type in the changes.

Of course, I worry that I'll find so much suck while typing the changes that I'll want to revise yet again. Actually, I'm sure that will happen. Almost all of my pages are completely covered in scribbles, and with new bits and entire scenes on the back. With so much that needs overhauling, I'm sure that I'm not seeing some crap, or getting too tired of looking at the same scene over and over before moving on.

Days on track: 7 (yes, I count Dec. 31)
Days missed count: 0
Days no writing/revising: 0
Currently reading: The Constant Gardener


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Jan. 7th, 2006 03:54 pm (UTC)
Good for you
for keeping on track with your writing goals for a week! Remember it's perspiration and perserverance--- okay and maybe a little perspective, that lead to success!
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