mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

Will I ever finish revising?

Every time I look over "Blonde Bimbos on the Moon," I see more to tweak. Last night I printed the story, and today I looked over the printed copy. Of course, it turned out that yesterday's tweaks introduced another continuity error that needed fixing.

I hope that the additional changes I made today didn't introduce any new errors.

My big challenge this week for staying on track will be Thursday. After work I'll only have time for a quick dinner, and then I'll be off for a meeting with my local writing group. Even doing one page of revision after will be difficult.

Days on track: 3 (yes, I count Dec. 31)
Days missed count: 0
Days no writing/revising: 0
Currently reading: The Contant Gardener
Tags: blonde bimbos on the moon
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