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Could Nano2000 turn into a short story?

When I heard about the call for big honkin' SF cliches for an upcoming issue of Subterranean, I originally thought this would be a great use of my time-travel short story idea.
But then I realized I needed to do research, and realized that I didn't have time... and also didn't want to go out of my way to research a short story.

Today, I realized that maybe my first nanowrimo attempt in 2000 might have enough salvageable material for a short story. I guess that means I should probably have one more sentence in the first-sentence meme. The first sentence of "Murder Paradox:"

Linda looked down and noticed a hand sticking out from under the tablecloth of a nearby table. She had been eating what was supposed to be a romantic dinner at this quaint restaurant with her fiancé, when she saw what seemed to be the hand of someone lying under an empty table.
Tags: blonde bimbos on the moon, murder paradox, short stories

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