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Less time in LJ = More time to revise

Or at least, that's the theory. However, I only feel like I've made a small dent in the past week.

I've taken notes for three new scenes, in case I go multi-viewpoint. I have a couple for Thierry, and one for Rosie. If I go multi-viewpoint, I'm thinking that the structure will be:
* excerpt from Jardin mystery
* one or more scenes from Manon's POV
* scene from another POV. Could this other POV alternate between Thierry and the other cast of characters? I'll have to see what happens.

I also took notes for another Inspector Jardin excerpt... but I'll be writing that one in full when I get to the start of Chapter 4. I only had a couple of chapter breaks prior to this revision. Looks like I'll be writing a lot of Jardin excerpts. :) Did I mention that I love writing these excerpts? Writing random pages from an imaginary mystery series means that I can write the most exciting or intriguing bits, and not worry about how they connect. And I love researching for new locations.

The whole airport and flight to France portion is now a lot tighter. I'm not certain of one bit in the airport, but readers in my local writing group are looking at that. :)

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