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This weekend...

I met matociquala in person at Bakka - heard her read a story, then purchased a signed copy of Scardown.

... I finished the next constellation and star in Katamari Damacy, and now realize that only the last level is left. :-( But I want to go back to find all the presents, and complete my collections. Must roll up everything. Glad the next version of the game is coming out soon.

... Took a few notes and did a lot of thinking on Mysterious Paris... but didn't do any more revsions. Maybe because I spent too much time catching up on LiveJournal? Note to self: if I fall behind in LJ due to working on novel, don't try to catch up later... you'll only lose time that could be spent working on the novel!

Revising Mysterious Paris
35 / 238 (14.71%)

... Saw more episodes of Stargate Atlantis. I didn't expect to like this series, but have been pleasantly surprised.

... For the first time in over 2 years (maybe 3 years), looked at the opening to Science Fiction Fantasy and was pleasantly surprised. Needs work, but I forgot about some of the changes I made when revising the half-novel. I am so looking forward to finishing Mysterious Paris and getting back to Science Fiction Fantasy.


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Jul. 15th, 2005 03:02 pm (UTC)
I kinda wish I had met her too... her writing is often brilliant. Very nice work. Alas, with the "wedding stuff" recently, I've had no time to even think about these kind of events. I so would have liked to have been there...
and gee, we could have met up too! :D
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