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Cross-posted to submissionguide, 'cause I can always use more feedback. Submission Guide's assignment this week was to examine what is most distinctive about your style... what would readers most like and hate? I took a riff on this, rather than answering directlty.

Is this assignment supposed to refer to all my writing? The current work-in-progress? Part of the WIP?

For example, in Mysterious Paris, Manon sometimes reads mystery novels that her mother wrote. I've written excerpts, which generally start a chapter. One of my readers said that the novel-in-novel excerpts are a very different style from the rest of my novel (which is as it should be). But the reader likes the excerpts better than the rest of the novel (at least in the first few chapters).

One reason she likes it is the lush realistic description in the excerpts. This was due to my writing the locations based on photographs of actual places. Something I am expanding to the rest of Mysterious Paris, and which will heighten the travelogue appeal.

I think the other reason is that when I am only choosing to write a small excerpt of a novel to include within Mysterious Paris, I can make the excerpt be one of the most dramatic parts of the imagined novel. No set up. No character development. Just chase scenes, scenes of discovery, etc. Does this mean that I should try the same on the rest of my novel (i.e. throw out everything but the most exciting moments)? I'm not convinced to make that plunge. But maybe I should! What do you think? What do you do?
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