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Portuguese meal

The other night, I cooked the final 3 recipes from Portuguese Home Cooking.

Lombo de vaca - Spicy beef tenderloin
Marinating the beef overnight (actually, almost 24 hours) in wine and spices imbued it with lots of flavor. It didn't really take that long to cook. However, even after removing the beef from the marinade, it had completely permeated, which meant that most pieces didn't really sear before adding back the marinade.

I found the flavor interesting, but am not really sure that the cumin worked. If I were cooking this again, I'd leave it out. However, considering the total time to prepare this dish, I don't think the results were worth it.

Cove a mineiro - Sauteed greens and oranges
I chose this recipe partly because I wanted to use some oranges that had been sitting around. Unfortunately, they were too old! So, this turned out to be greens sauteed in onion and garlic. Very tasty!

Batatas no forno com tomate - Roasted seasoned potatoes
This recipe required extra preparation that didn't add anything. Steam/roasting the potatoes over a mix of chopped tomato and wine didn't provide extra flavor.
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