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Writing year in review

I don't feel like I've made much progress this year, but other writers seem to be reporting on their 2005 progress.

Mysterious Paris - at the start of the year completed the first rewrite of this novel (a major plot overhaul) and started the second major rewrite (but only about 25% complete).

Starved - wrote a detailed outline for a new novel.

Trapped - wrote a cursory outline for a new novel. Set in the stone age, this needs a lot of research before I commit to details beyond a few crucial scenes.

"Blonde Bimbos on the Moon" - Turned my first Nanowrimo attempt (from Nano2000) into a short story, with major deletions and also significant new writing. Submitted. Rejected. Sent out again, and currently revising per editorial suggestions.

A Science Fiction Fantasy - Minor tweaking as I shared parts of this draft with my critique group. Realized that this novel needs major work on the foundation, so am putting on hold.

Hmmm... maybe I've been doing more writing than I originally thought (and certainly more than in 2004). But I really need to finish projects.
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