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What I cook depends on the CSA basket

Sometimes it's what's in the current basket, and sometimes what's left from my previous basket.

This pasta finished the zucchini from the previous week. I included some green pepper from the current basket, as well as all of the cilantro.

This chicken stir fry includes many vegetables from current and previous weeks: garlic, carrots, green onions, green pepper.

And here, potato-crusted quiche. The quiche included green onions and tomatoes. It wasn't bad, but onion or basil might have improved the flavor.

What have you been cooking?


I also get my eggs from the farm.

This omelet is loaded with roma tomatoes and green onions. With all the great veggies, I make omelets more in the summer.

Recently, we had some extremely hot days. Although our place is air conditioned, I didn't feel like cooking or like eating a heavy meal.

A hearty salad was perfect. I start the same as one of my usual salads, but more of it. Then mix in tuna.

This week, I tried something different with corn.

Skillet-seared corn  and zucchini. There's also garlic, fresh herbs, and a splash of lemon juice.

And for dessert....

The cheesecake is store-bought. I topped it with black currents. It's a lime cheesecake; the tartness of the cheesecake plays well with the sweetness of the currents.


I love peaches from the farm

We get fruit every week from the farm. However, I usually eat the fruit plain or add it to cereal, and don't bother mentioning it.

These peaches are the best. So sweet and juicy. At one meal, I had both a peach and a banana. I ate the peach first. After, the banana was like chalk - dry and flavorless. There was nothing wrong with the banana, but these peaches are amazing.

I used the eggplant in a stir-fry.

Also from the farm are green onions, garlic, and basil. At first there wasn't enough liquid. So, I made a sauce from soup stock and miso.

I used a variety of produce in this spicy rice.

In addition to chicken and rice, there's corn, beans, and jalapeño.

And the next plate is all with farm goods.

Salad, herb omelet (basil and parsley), and parsley potatoes.


Corn and other vegetables

I didn't cook so many dishes last week, but I did manage to use lots of vegetables. The week started very hot. Usually, I roast corn in the oven. But I didn't want to turn the oven on.

Instead, I cut the kernels off and fried them with garlic and green pepper. I served boiled potatoes with parsley.

But when the weather cooled slightly, I returned to my corn-roasting ways.

Everything on this plate came from the farm. I tried microwave cooking the green beans, as I heard some recommendations on that method. But I think I prefer either steamed or stir-fried. The omelet is filled with sautéed leeks.

And, as usual in the summer, salad.

Are you enjoying the summer bounty?

Is there anything better than getting corn from the farm and eating it that night?

Everything on that plate came from the farm. Here's what went into the omelet.

I sautéed garlic, spinach, and beet greens. I mixed fresh dill directly into the eggs.

In The Food Lab, I read that cucumber is good in stir fry.

It's not amazing, but it's not bad. It helped fill out the beef stir fry, which also included peas, fava beans, string beans, and garlic.

I'm enjoying the small zucchini. They're flavorful and a good addition to many dishes.

I made an easy summer pasta. I used store-bought sauce, but added fresh parsley.

What are your favorite summer dishes?


I love fresh produce

Got young tender carrots from the farm. They are nothing like the little nubs sold in supermarkets as "baby carrots".

I also used asparagus, garlic, and chicken to make this.

Not every dish is so obvious with vegetables. I mean, yes, fresh green beans. The potatoes are also from the farm.

But did you spot the carrots, garlic, and peas on this meat loaf?

And for dessert....

Raspberries don't need much ice cream.


Everything in that omelet came from the farm. So did the jam on the toast.

You won't see as many omelets as last year, as I don't need to finish a dozen eggs every 2 weeks. But omelets are still a great way to use random veggies. This time with yellow bell peppers and green onions. What's your favorite omelet filling?

You might not think of pasta as another way to use random veggies. If you like an exact repeatable taste to your pasta, this isn't for you. But I enjoy new flavor combinations.

To this standard pasta with tomato/meat sauce, I added zucchini and peas. They definitely livened the flavor.

OK, maybe I did cook a lot of omelets this week.

This time, paired with roast potatoes and salad. When potatoes are really small I roast them, as peeling lots of small potatoes is slow and annoying.

Sometimes I try different ways of preparing and serving veggies.

Here I served chicken topped with sautéed kale and tomatoes.

What's in this crisp?

Strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. Only the strawberries came from the farm.

Normally, I don't add banana to a berry crisp. But I made this near the end of the week, and I was short 1 cup of fruit. Plus, much of the banana was over-ripe and best for some sort of baked good. The crisp was very sweet and yummy.

Here's a close-up of another salad.

Not sure if you can tell, but that's spinach and not lettuce.

I cook differently in the summer

This year I didn't included eggs in my CSA subscription. Last year it was a challenge to use a dozen eggs every 2 weeks. But I but my eggs from the farm as I need them.

I don't remember what went into that omelet beyond green onions. The pasta is dressed with kale and tomato.

Our first eggplant seems early.

I cooked the eggplant with chicken, basil, green onions, and peas.

And I found another use for the last if the pasta.

It became a pasta salad, mixed with mayo and peas. I love cherry tomatoes.

Fresh cucumber and tomato.

This time, I sliced them for a sandwich.

But I also used them in salad.

No lettuce here, but I added roast beets.


Plenty from the farm

I just finished week 2, in which the CSA basket became more plentiful. Can you guess everything here before you scroll further to see what I cooked?

OK, so you probably identified most of those items.

First up was coconut basil chicken with asparagus. I needed to finish the basil from week 1, as I had a new supply in week 2. I have no trouble keeping up with the asparagus.

Tuna sandwiches are better with basil. That's a kohlrabi carrot slaw in the tiny bowl. No, you didn't see the odd shape of kohlrabi in the basket spread photo, because that's another item from the previous week. I always have to look up recipes for kohlrabi. I remember liking the vegetable, but never remember how it's used.

Lemon basil salmon and chard. I cooked the chard with my single garlic scape. But such a small mild garlic flavor wasn't detectable.

Fresh sautéed veggies are a light and flavorful dressing for pasta. I used kale, tomatoes, and cilantro.

June means farm-fresh veggies

Last week, I picked up the first CSA basket of the season. My local farmer now has a greenhouse, which means that we're getting tomatoes from the start. The first basket is always the lightest, but it did include lettuce, asparagus, peas, radishes, basil, and strawberries. And another vegetable, but I forget what it's called and haven't yet used it.

I ate strawberries plain, in cereal, and with cheesecake. I even used some in a salad.

But not in this salad. That was simply lettuce, tomato, and radish. And, yes, an asparagus omelet.

Tuna sandwich is better with fresh herbs, lettuce, and tomato.

I finished the asparagus and peas in vegetable fried rice.


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